LWI #11 Season Finale of Lead with Intent!

#11 Season Finale of Lead with Intent TODAY!
Today Dr. Denise shares the evolution of the Lead with Intent show and makes major announcements for her upcoming launch of her online academy called Masters of Leadership Institute. 
Also, a major win for everyone grab a discount code for $100 off for here course, Master Your Mind! DM or comment f you are interested in purchasing. You can find more information here: https://www.drdenisesimpson.com/sales-page-9e5b49bd-4aac-4ae4-8776-bc4d24f12ccd🧠🧠🧠
We'll be back for Season 2 in June. In the meantime, stay connected by joining her email list. Grab her leadership guide here and join her list today! Grab it here: www.drdenisesimpson.com/principles
Stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Masters of Leadership Institute! 

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