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59. Permission to Disrupt

Permission granted, my friend! If you were waiting to receive permission to disrupt stuff, your wait has ended! And by "stuff," we mean your neurology.

And by neurology, Dr. Denise means your beliefs, programs, conditions, and other societal exploitations that were never intended for you, dear leader. On today's episode, Dr. Denise shares that disruption precedes a sovereign mind- a mind free to create beliefs and the neurology required to cultivate a life of fulfillment and joy.

Tune in to learn how to take this idea of Permission to Disrupt and implement it in your life as soon as you wish to be free of others' limiting beliefs about you and your potential, unreasonable and unrealistic cultural expectations, and societal exploitations that have been impeding your success in life and career. 

You'll learn how to identify debilitating neurology all around you, find awareness around your personal limiting beliefs, and identify who you want to become with a sovereign mind and outlook on your life.
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