LWI #02 Five challenges female leaders face and the strategies to overcome them


#02 Five challenges female leaders face and the strategies to overcome them

Welcome to Lead with Intent with Dr. Denise!

Today Dr. Denise is sharing the 5 challenges female leaders face the strategies to overcome them.

Whether you are a woman or a man in leadership, we all face challenges. However, in preparation for the show, I realized many of these challenges plague our male counterparts too.

And if we're honest, these challenges may not resonate with some women leaders.


Because we all have our way of dealing with challenges in the workplace or perhaps we’ll never put ourselves in these uncomfortable positions, to begin with.

So as you watch the replay, keep an open mind. If these do not resonate with you, GOOD! Treat this as a leadership workshop or university lecture. Take notes and refer back to them if needed.

If you’re pressed for time, here are the 5 challenges I discussed on the show:

The Dreadful Salary Discussion
Whether we are negotiating our salaries and benefits or requesting a pay increase, it can be downright horrifying. But it doesn’t have to be if you do your homework first!

Challenge #2
Imposter Syndrome When Reaching New Levels of Success
Awwww, yes, the “I’m NOT good enough” or “I’m NOT worthy” self-talk. I share my personal experience with this issue and how I deal with it even to this day!

Challenge #3
Finding Support Systems with Shared Values
I trash talk about my beloved husband’s unwillingness to tell me ‘No!’ Don’t get me wrong, he’s a highly supportive husband, but often an enabler. Listen to the replay to hear what else I had to say on this challenge.

Challenge #4
Overcoming Perfectionism and Addressing the Real Meaning Behind it
Fortunately, I’m not a perfectionist, but many of my C-Suite clients are. I talk about sociologist, Brene Brown’s research on the meaning behind perfectionism.

Challenge #5
Re-entering the Workforce and Career Re-directions
Here we discuss when leaders have needed to re-enter the workforce after staying home during their children’s formative years or the retiree beginning a new career.

So there you have it! My list of challenges women (and some men) face in leadership and watch the replay to learn the strategies I provided for each.

It’s your turn, leader! Tell me what challenge didn’t make this list and share a strategy on how you overcame it. 

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