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LWI #04 Are you dimming your brilliance for others?


#04 Are you dimming your brilliance for others?

Welcome to Lead with Intent with Dr. Denise!

Today Dr. Denise is sharing her personal struggle with this self-limiting belief!

Think of a time when you had to dim down your brilliance for the sake of others. Perhaps you had to turn down the volume to not stand-out in a room.

Or worse pretend to be someone you're not for fear of being judged.

I’ve coached so many people who feel the need to put on a different face while in a board meeting or even so far as living a double life when they enter their organizations.

We do this for fear of being judged for being our authentic selves.

I must admit I’ve had to dim down my brilliance for the sake of not drawing too much attention on myself. I have also had to “dumb down” to not intimidate anyone in the room. To the point when asked about my education and leadership experience I avoided the conversation altogether.

Why must we do this?
Why do we do this in the first place and what must we do to show the world the real us?

On last weeks, Lead with Intent show, I discuss my personal struggle with this soul-crushing limiting belief that I picked up during childhood.

I share how for a middle child who didn’t speak English fluently until 7 years old, I developed this mental loop in my brain that it's best for me NOT to be seen to avoid feeling like an outcast. I did everything I could to not draw attention to my differences (or uniqueness!) So instead of learning confidence, I learned how to dim my brilliance way down low.

I also share how I made an association between education to being seen with respect in the field of leadership. I spent the last 20 plus years building a resume that no one could question all for the sake of having enough confidence to be seen!

And now as an online teacher and entrepreneur, I MUST be seen to share my personal and leadership experiences with the world all for the chance to inspire one person. Since we're keeping it real, THIS scares the heck out of me!

This new phase in my career has unearthed many of these limiting beliefs I thought I had long buried. So now because of it, I'm committed to being visible on social media, on Facebook lives, and right here in your inbox no matter how crappy I speak or write! 

If you are experiencing the same, join me as we enter this new season of Spring to challenge ourselves to come out into the light and share our gifts with the world. Reply to this email or share in the comments below this video on what steps you will take to be more visible in the world.

It's time to be seen for who we really are because the world needs what ONLY you can share!

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