LWI #03 Habits of a conscientious leader


#03 Habits of a conscientious leader

Welcome to Lead with Intent with Dr. Denise!

Today Dr. Denise is sharing the habits of conscientious leaders.


Are you running your life or are your habits running you, Denise?

I shared on Lead with Intent how 40% of our daily actions are habits.

What the what?!? I know, right?

As a conscientious leader, it’s important to know what habits are, how they are formed, but most importantly how to change them.

I also discussed the 5 Habits of a Conscientious Leader on the show.

So if you’re ready to take an introspective look into your habits, click here to watch the replay.

But if you’re pressed for time, here are the 5 Habits I shared on the show:

Habit #1
Conscientious leaders are constant learners

That’s right, it’s all about the growth mindset here! Conscientious leaders are curious about their world and how they can better serve it. They develop habits like intentionally setting time for personal or professional development, if not every day, once a month or once a quarter. Find workshops or online seminars that are industry-specific or whatever piques your mental interest.

As for me, I’m an avid reader with a non-negotiable schedule for personal and professional development every day. Between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to be exact. Right now, I’m catching up on Seth Godin’s book Tribe on how marketing influences leadership trends. Wow, this one is good!

Habit #2
Conscientious leaders take action even when they are scared

I have to admit, taking risks is something I’m slowing developing. This is especially important if you consider yourself a conscientious leader. You must find ways to stretch yourself out of the discomfort. And if you want to take your success to the next level, you MUST get comfortable with being uncomfortable. A lot of us get complacent in our lives, jobs, and communities we become passivists instead of activists of our lives.

If you’re up for the challenge, join me in finding habits that will be sure to get you uncomfortable (in a good way!). For me, I’ll think I’ll take up doing live shows on Facebook where I get to share my leadership tips. Oh wait, I already do that! By the way, this scares the beejeezus out of me every time I go live. But I have to remind myself, the mindset that got me to this new level of success will not take me to the next, so get ready to set a new goal post!

Habit #3
Conscientious leaders practice humility NOT arrogance

Can I please get an AMEN on this habit right here! This is a leadership fundamental I have live by every day. And if you want my list of 5 Leadership Fundamentals Every Leader Should Know, click here to download it. It’s free, and it’s my gift to you!

For some, the illusion of leadership is one of power and authority, and we have seen the adverse reactions to this in politics, our organizations, and local communities.
Here are a few things to add to your lists of habits:
1. Admit when you are wrong.
2. Give others credit when credit is due.
3. Ask for advice from your peers or your followers when you don’t have the answer.

Habit #4
Conscientious leaders are highly self-aware

This goes without saying, "If you are a conscientious individual, you are highly self-aware." I know it’s obvious but warrants a reminder.
If you want to lead to the best of your ability, you must understand your psyche or the inner workings of your mind.

Develop habits that allow continuous personal and professional development and evolution. For example, I’m highly self-aware of my emotional triggers, deficiencies, and unconscious biases.

I know them because I’ve done the dirty work all conscientious leaders must do to be the best in their roles. I also practice meditation daily to recalibrate those limiting beliefs that lurk in the darkest corners of my mind. I found that at each new level of success, my brain rears its ugly head to sabotage my progress. You see, friends, you must be highly aware of these shadows.

Habit #5
Conscientious leaders are driven by service

WARNING: If you are a self-serving, narcissistic, egotistical demigod disguising yourself as a leader, YOU have no business leading anyone. So please do us a favor and crawl back into the cave you came from.

I’m putting a stake in the ground here. I feel I must call out those in leadership who are incompetent and worse, abusive. If you stand with me, great! If you don’t, we must part ways. There is no need to keep serving you if you take a stand for the oppressor.

I have been driven by Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership principles. When I learned of his theory in my doctoral program, it captured my heart and brain. Conscientious leaders are driven by service. (Notice I wrote service, NOT servitude, there is a difference.)

They are motivated by the overall well-being of their followers. Their habits demonstrate this in how they lead their organizations and even in their families.

There you have it friends, the 5 habits of a conscientious leader. Watch the replay by clicking here.

It’s your turn, what habits didn’t make this list? Share in the comments below the video. I want to hear from you!

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