[Article] How To Lead Your Family In A Time of Crisis

[Article] How To Lead Your Family In A Time of Crisis


The news of the coronavirus has reached a fever pitch in the past few days. Just today, I received a dozen or so emails from organizations I subscribe to notifying me of the measures they're taking to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. 


Plus, get on Google, and you'll get an update a minute on the state of the global economy impacted by this virus. 


If you're someone who wasn't paying attention the last few weeks (like myself), this can feel like a Level 10 on the crisis meter. Rightfully so, this can be scary stuff!


On a call today, my coaching client said, "I lead a workforce of 300 employees with a budget of over 100 million dollars, and I can't get a grasp on how to lead my family during this time of crisis!"


You see, leading organizations may feel different than leading our families. 




When your families are in danger or in harm's way, the emotional barometer shoots through the roof. While in the workplace, leaders spend a great deal of time conditioning their minds and emotions to respond to changes in their industries.


No doubt, you have an emotional investment in your family, plus a duty to protect your children from danger. 


Let me assure you, leading your workforce is no different than leading your families. They both need a strong leader who has their best interest in mind. 


As a mother of two stepsons and a leader and CEO of my leadership firm, I want to share with you steps you can take during this time of crisis. 


Don't be surprised if these steps are the same you use to lead your organizations through crisis.


  1. Regulate your mind and emotions before taking any actions. It's important to understand your thoughts and emotions triggered during the crisis. It's never a good idea to react before fully understanding the situation.
  2. What is within your control? Take a close look at what's within your control. What can you do to prevent the situation from worsening? Whatever is beyond your control, you must neutralize emotionally.
  3. Follow reliable news sources like the Centers for Disease Center (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), or local agencies. Educate yourself and your family with factual information so you can make informed decisions.  
  4. Take appropriate actions to protect your families. Once you've followed steps 1 through 3, you can now make a plan of action and take appropriate measures to protect your family.
  5. Repeat these steps until the crisis is under control. 


It’s  your turn, leader! Share with me how you lead your families during a time of crisis. Leave your comment below. I want to hear from you!


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