LWI #09 How to prepare for your next leadership or career opportunity

#09 How to prepare for your next leadership or career opportunity

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Today, Dr. Denise presents her 4 step process to help prepare you for your next leadership or career opportunity.

Step 1: 

Let’s begin with an initial assessment of your current leadership inventory.

a. What is your current position or community role?

b. Make a list of the current knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSAs) necessary for your current position. 

c. Dust off your resume, curriculum vitae, or portfolio of your past employment experiences. (If you have a well-crafted resume, you’ll have all your education and employment credentials front and center!)

{Leader Tip} Make sure your resume is ALWAYS updated, to include your current position and job responsibilities. You never know when a leadership opportunity will come up in your organization or industry.

Step 2:

Now, let’s assess your past experiences (to include education, training, and development) and make connections with possible opportunities.

a. What, if any, of these KSAs, are transferable to other positions within your organization or industry? If you have a position in mind and don’t necessarily meet all the job requirements, which of these KSAs can be considered transferable to the new job?

{Leader Tip} Hiring managers or department leaders appreciate an applicant who can respond to the question above thoughtfully. Be prepared to answer these questions during an interview!

Step 3:

Next, let’s bridge the gap between your current leadership inventory and desired leadership skills needed for the new position.

a. What skills do you need to acquire to fulfill the desired position’s requirements?

b. What additional training or leadership development is needed to meet the new requirements?

c. Is there someone you can identify as a mentor or supporter who can guide you through uncharted leadership waters?

d. What additional resources do you need to prepare you for leadership opportunities?

{Leader Tip} It’s not always about skill set! I’ve hired hundreds of employees. During interviews, I paid equal attention to their mindset. Confidence can be the tipping point when you lack the required skills!

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to just go for it! 

Take risks and get yourself out there! Let it be known to your immediate supervisor and other leaders in your organization that you are interested in challenging yourself in new ways; perhaps leadership is the next step in your career evolution. 

{Leader Tip} So many of us are stopped by fear–fear of judgment, fear of failure, and fear of ridicule. If you’ve got the skills, go apply! If it’s your mindset stopping you, check in with these self-limiting beliefs to see if there is any merit to them. Don’t let your lack of confidence stop you from achieving your dreams. 

As always, I’m here for you! I want to encourage you to visit my Lead with Intent show recordings right here. You can also join me live every Thursday at 1 p.m. Central on my Facebook Page. Many of my leaders join me from their desktop with their lunch in hand to learn about the mindset, skill set, and behaviors of conscientious leaders.

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