Services offered for your individual and organizational needs.

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Pricing and Packages

Please reach out by phone 512-920-0677 or email to discuss a coaching package tailored to your needs.

Private Coaching Sessions with Denise

I provide one-on-one coaching so we can come up with an action plan to fulfill all your dreams.  Whatever your goal(s) may be, I am here to help you reach your greatest potential

Executive Leadership Coaching Sessions with Denise

I provide one-on-one coaching to executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, or Board Officers in areas specific to your needs. I provide theoretical and practical leadership strategies to help take you and your organization to the next level. If you are a high performer, or would like to be, reach out so we can schedule a free planning session. 

Group Coaching Sessions with Denise

Looking for the energy and pace of one of my workshops, but have a specific focus in mind?  No worries.  Whether it is a family, couple, office peer group, classroom, or even a professional sports team, I can tailor a group session to your common goal(s). 

Trouble getting everyone together in one place?  Not a problem.  Group sessions can be conducted via Zoom, SKYPE, or Google Chat.

Workshops and webinars

In addition to private coaching sessions, I also conduct several workshops throughout the year.  These are typically in groups, small enough to keep the focus on individual growth and fulfillment, yet large enough to make it a motivating and dynamic experience!

I am frequently updating my workshops schedule based on demand throughout the country.  So, if you see that I am in your area, please stop in, say Hello, and stay for an invigorating session!

Speaking Engagements

If you are a business, non-profit, school district, youth group, or any organization that needs an empowerment speaker to engage your students, stakeholders, or employees, please call me! Presentations can have whatever focus you desire, and can be tailored to fit the time allotted.