You are a leader who wants to use her influence to motivate her employees to take inspired action.


That's great. 


But do you even know what creates your influence?


Your values.


You make EVERY leadership decision from your values.


Your values determine your motivation to take action or not.

They determine the behaviors you take as a leader.

Your values determine how you interact in society, in the organization, and the world.

According to research, your values are unconscious to your awareness. Don't leave leading your people to chance. 


Become conscious of the values you need to:

✅ To develop your influence,

✅ Inspire your followers, and

✅ Impact your organization.


Grab the exclusive guide that will teach you the levels of influence which I call Spheres and the 15 values you must embody to be a powerful and masterful leader. 

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Download The Ultimate Leadership Values Guide To Learn:

  • How you must learn to influence yourself before you can influence others
  • Gain the confidence to influence others and lead with authority
  • Identify unique values at each sphere of your influence
  • And much more!


Are you ready to transform your leadership and impact your followers?


Hey there! I'm Dr. Denise. 

You deserve a leadership expert and coach who knows how leaders think, feel, and behave.

This guide is to support you through your leadership journey, no matter where you are on the journey.

Emerging and seasoned leaders use this guide to develop their spheres of influence and the values they need at each level of influence.

You will learn them and embody them too.

Get ready for a transformation in how you think, feel, and behave as a leader!

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