You're an ambitious woman. You've accomplished a lot of great things. 

You've seen success, and you want more. 
But, you've hit a wall. 
A wall of objections, like self-doubt, fear of failure, or shame for wanting more.  
You have success in some areas of your life, while others are dismal in comparison. 
The more you try to use your willpower, the more overwhelmed and defeated you feel.
You ask, 
"Why can't I be successful in this area? I am in so many others." 
"I should have been able to do something about this already."
"I'm a smart woman, I know what to do, so why can't I do it?" 
"There must be something wrong with me."
"I'm a failure."
And when these questions flood your brain with useless thoughts creating emotions like shame, guilt, fear, self-doubt, self-loathing, and more,
what do you do? 

You create the same thing in your life- no success, no progress, or worse inaction. 

I'm here to tell you: There's nothing wrong with you. You deserve more!
Sometimes all you need is help understanding why you're not creating the success in your life. And sometimes, you need to redefine the meaning of success.
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You want success in all areas of your life. Success in:



Business or Entrepreneurship

Health and Wellness



Partnership or Marriage

Intimate Relationships


Personal Growth


And many more!

What is your definition of success?

Is the definition the same in your personal life as it is in your professional life?

Is success tangible—-like wanting the promotion, so you can buy the beautiful house, or is it intangible- like wanting to feel more fulfillment in your life?

What will having success mean to you? Why is success important for you to have?

However you define it, one thing is for sure, you want more success.

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Take your first steps to:


A Six Figure Salary

Being Your Own Boss

Gaining Control of Your Health

Financial Stability

Healthy Relationships With Family 

A Happy Marriage orPartnership

Finding Your Calling

Connecting With A Higher Power


....or whatever else you desire to create!

Why aren't you reaching your next level of success?

Is it perfectionism? Is it procrastination? Is it fear of failing and falling flat on your face for the world to see? 

Have you tied your self-worth or value to success? Chasing a dream without meaning or purpose. The seduction of success is alluring but when it's time to take action your brain sabotages your success. 

Perhaps, you're struggling with beliefs about your upbringing and what you're expected to be?  Your family, society, and cultural expectations can put a heavy burden on your meaning of success. 

No matter your reasons or excuses for not having success, the root of the problem begins in your mind- the beliefs, models of your world, language (your thoughts), and the behaviors - all which have created your results. 

In the Next Level Program membership, you'll learn how to challenge your beliefs and break through the "mental ceiling" you've created. 

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Next Level Progress is a monthly live, 100% online coaching program for ambitious women.

You will learn how to organize your thoughts and ideas in ways that will allow you to achieve the specific results you desire… So you can repeat success over and over again with confidence, pride, and true fulfillment in all your accomplishments.


The Next Level Program is backed by a proven formula filled with evidence-based strategies. You can now reach your next level of success in any area of your life.

Inside the program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use a step-by-step formula to understand how your mind works and, ultimately, how to master it!
  • Become someone accountable for setting goals and smashing them!
  • Take massive action that is fueled by inspiration and intention.
  • End the never-ending cycle of shame and guilt for wanting more success.
  • Embrace the fear of failing and end perfectionism.
  • Gain the confidence to conquer your dreams and make them a reality.
  • Eliminate the feeling of being “washed up,” “passed over,” or “it’s too late for success” once and for all.
  • Become a model of excellence so you can repeat success in every area of your life.
  • Accelerate your results from weekly live coaching calls with Dr. Denise.


You want success because you are driven and ambitious. That's undeniable.

You have unmet ambition. You are ready to take the lead and meet it head on!


With this work, comes great benefits!

As a member, you will benefit greatly. Here's how:

  • Equipped with the knowledge and action plan to take progressive steps to achieve success. This won't be quantum leaps or fly-by-night results. Just like in weight loss, you want to have a way to ensure successful weight loss. Shady diets or Olympic level workouts won't guarantee success, but by taking progressive steps, you will have sustainable results. And with this proven formula as your secret weapon, you can repeat your results time and time again! 


  • You will have strong confidence that no matter what you want to achieve- a career move, starting a family, finding the lover of your dreams, or becoming a millionaire, you have the secret to ultimate success.


  • Your pride in all your accomplishments will be undeniable. You will eliminate the shame and guilt for wanting more in your life. You know deep in your heart, your success will impact your life and many others. Ultimately, causing a ripple effect of success in our communities!


  • Your success will have true happiness and fulfillment, which, up to this point, has been hard to grasp. Until now! You'll come to understand that success and happiness are partners for life. You won't need to sacrifice yourself or others for success. Not anymore!

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Learn from a guide who has helped hundreds of ambitious women progress to their next level of success

with confidence, pride, and true fulfillment in all their accomplishments.

Hi, I'm Dr. Denise Simpson.

I’ve been on the side of great success, which means I intimately know failure and sacrifice. I’ve set some of the highest goals for myself and have achieved most of them. 

I have sacrificed gravely for the sake of success. And not all were worth it. 

Like the thirteen- year sacrifice I made to earn my degrees, which brought more shame and guilt in my success. 

Like sacrificing starting a family with my husband for success, until I realized it was too late.

Like chasing title after title, distinguished positions and salaries to match, only to feel more and more lonely. 

I know the inner workings of an ambitious woman’s mind because I am one. And I’ve coached hundreds of women achieve great success without fear of failing, self-loathing, and shame for wanting more.  

I help them progress to their next level of success with confidence, pride, and true fulfillment in all of their accomplishments. 

And I can do the same for you! Join me now inside my NLP program to begin this transformative journey. 

Trust the science behind this formula.

Let Dr. Denise be your guide and commit to reaching your next level of greatness.

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Hold your head high and crown on!

There is nothing basic or mediocre about you. And neither is this program. Read testimonials below.

"Dr. Simpson was instrumental in my growth as a community leader during a pivotal transition period in my life. Not only did I improve tremendously in my current government role, Dr. Simpson’s coaching and curriculum also lead me to achieve one of my most important goals of starting a nonprofit. Dr. Simpson’s unique approach helped equip me with the tools and efficacy I needed to reach my full leadership potential and identify a path that was manageable and aligned with my goals."

Monica T.
Public Information Officer and Non-Profit Leader

"With a changing world, Dr. Simpson is needed now more than ever before. Dr. Simpson has helped me realize the personal relationships I have with others ARE meaningful and most of all, purposeful. Dr. Simpson is deeply committed to her own calling which is to open our eyes to the deeper purpose and more importantly, become centered and grounded. Everything and everyone has a purpose and she does a stellar job at making US realize there is more to life than what we see. We need to feel."

Jaymie M.
Governmental Affairs and Public Policy Maker

"Dr. Simpson has quite simply changed my life. Dr. Simpson inspires me to become better everyday and practice maintaining balance and alignment. Her unwavering support for me (and all of her clients) in both my professional and personal life has brought immense value. My decision making capabilities and professional development have strengthened through Dr. Simpson's teachings. I'm excited to continue progressing through her guidance. "

Annie G.
Gubernatorial Appointee and Business Devleopment Leader

"Dr. Simpson’s knowledge and experience as a Life and Leadership Coach has allowed me to expand my intuitive understanding of my own leadership practice. She focuses on who you are as a person and how to grow in a manner that fulfills your higher purpose, as a leader and human being. Her continued support and encouragement has facilitated my development, personally and professionally, in being able to identify my passion and better navigate my career path. I am truly grateful for Dr. Simpson’s empathy and ability to nurture my leadership potential. I highly recommend Dr. Simpson to others wanting to grow wholly and holistically."

Tina S.
University Administrator and Former Board Trustee

"Having been with Dr. Denise, I am learning to be a more mindful leader.  I continue to work on creating a positive, creative and empowering environment for my co-workers, team members even my friends and family!  Dr. Denise is the coach that you want in your corner, cheering you on, and helping you back up when you falter.  If you hunger to become a deliberate and effective leader and are ready to take on the work to reach that goal, then invest your energy and time with Dr. Denise Simpson. It truly will be the best investment and life-altering adventure you give yourself."

Ana R.
Executive Assistant

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