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Disrupt the status quo. Mastery begins here.


I'm Dr. Denise, a Public Academic and Leadership Trainer with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.

Through my trainings and coaching, I help leaders disrupt the status quo of antiquated, toxic leadership principles so they can lead with power and authority while creating a culture of mastery in their organizations.

I've helped hundreds of leaders, just like you, gain the mastery to lead with courage, competence, and compassion.

Disruption Takes Courage

Below are resources I created to help you in your leadership.



A podcast curated for women leaders by a women's leadership expert. Learn about real client stories, the latest research on leadership, and how to influence your team with authentic power and authority.




Don't leave your leadership to chance! Your values are what fuels every decision you make as a leader. Learn to master the values you use at every sphere of influence so you can impact team performance. 


Gain mastery in your leadership because you want to disrupt the status quo. Mastery begins here. Get on my email list to start now.

Courageous Leaders Need Support

Below are two ways you can work with me.



You're a manager, director, or leader who wants on-going life coaching and leadership training. Pay month to month or annually. 




You are a leader who needs help now. You want high-touch, one-on-one support. Book a call below to discuss coaching opportunities.


Workshops and Trainings

Get customized evidence-based trainings for your team and organization. Book a call to learn how.

"Dr. Denise Simpson, is not merely an exceptional coach and mentor; she is a force of inspiration and transformation that has left an indelible mark on my life. Working with Dr. Denise Simpson has been nothing short of amazing. From the very beginning of our journey, it was evident that I was in the hands of someone truly exceptional. Dr. Simpson possesses a unique ability to listen and empathize, creating a space where I felt heard and understood in a way that surpassed all previous coaching experiences. She provided me with a safe space to explore my dreams, fears, and aspirations and her invaluable guidance illuminated the path for me to overcome obstacles and reach my most ambitious goals. With her unwavering support, I found the courage to face my deepest insecurities and confront challenges I'd been avoiding for years. What set Dr. Simpson apart is her unwavering commitment to my growth and well-being. She didn't offer generic advice but personalized her guidance tailored to my specific needs and circumstances. This approach made all the difference, and it was clear to me that she genuinely cares about my success and happiness. Working with such an extraordinary coach and mentor has not only transformed my life but has also helped me become a better version of myself. I am endlessly grateful for her guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support. If you're in search of a coach and mentor who can truly make a difference, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Simpson. She's not just amazing; she's life-changing. "

Melissa Ortiz MA, LPC-S
Founder & CEO of Metanoia Counseling

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