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Helping women who want to disrupt their neurology of antiquated and destructive leadership ideas so they can cultivate courage, conviction, and compassion to redefine how her leadership profoundly impacts our world. 




Our programs are unlike any others you've experienced and designed for a particular woman: a disruptor, a rebel, a rouge leader questioning her socialization as a woman in leadership.


It's time to question everything you believe about yourself and your leadership.


Women in leadership is our specialty. We know how to serve them in their lives and careers.


We take a unique approach to life and leadership through the lens of feminism. 


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Leadership Mastery is Attainable


No matter your leadership level or goals, Dr. Denise can help you. Please choose from your options below.

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Learn how Dr. Denise can help you resolve any life or leadership challenge. Results guaranteed.

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Apply for the next coach certification cohort and be the most valuable person in your business and organization. 

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Join the exclusive program that is part life coaching and part leadership development for the female leader and founder. 

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All The Tools You Need To Re-Build Your Leadership Practice.


It's not You versus Them, Him, or Her.


It's You versus You.


The work begins with you, Leader.


It's taking an honest look at your unconscious biases, stereotypes, and conditioning-- programming brought upon by many things such as cultural upbringing and societal exploitations.




The stories your brain has created to protect you.


Stories to protect you from pain, stories that fulfill your belief systems (no matter how inaccurate they may be), and stories that your brain has turned into thought habits.


It's your brain and the stories it's created to keep you from advancing that we want to put under the microscope first.


🛑 What stories has your brain turned into hardened beliefs about yourself and others?


Here were some of mine...


❌ I believed that because I was brown and a woman, I needed to work 10x harder than others to be seriously considered for a promotion.


❌ I believed that I needed more and more education to be a true contender among others in my field.


❌ I believed that success would cost me my happiness, my intimate relationships, and my dignity. 


...and many more destructive beliefs that I hadn't thought to challenge.


So before we can take on the oppressive systems keeping women from advancing in their careers, let's take a closer look at YOU.


We can do great things together when we each take responsibility for the work we need to do internally.


I show my clients how to do that inside my programs.


➡️ It is here where we can do the deeper work together.


➡️ It is here where you learn how to master your greatest leadership asset- your 🧠 brain.


➡️ It is here where you will acquire the tools to re-build your leadership foundation that fits your authentic ideals, and ultimately, mastery of your craft.

Below you'll find two programs. Pick one to start with and watch your life and your followers' lives transform right before your eyes.

Masters of Leadership


In this membership, designed for female leaders and founders, you'll learn how to maximize your leadership potential so you can influence your followers, impact the bottom line of your business or organization, and redefine the way your leadership transforms our world.

When you join today, you'll have immediate access to Masterclasses, Mastermind groups, Coaching, and a community of like-minded leaders supporting you every step of the way. 

Current members include small business owners, coaches, CEOs, corporate consultants, performance artists, educators, and many more.

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Online Coach Certification 


If you are ready to combine your values, passions, and years of expertise into a service-based business, this program is for you.   

The program is 100% online so you can continue your corporate career while transitioning into entrepreneurship.

You can create the perfect career that is truly fulfilling and financially rewarding- all while helping transform the lives of your clients.

Our alumni include former corporate trainers, lawyers, mediators, CEOs, small business owners, dentists, teachers, and many more. 

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Do you want to leverage and monetize your KSAs to start your coaching business? 


Dr. Denise Simpson is a Certified Master Coach with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.

She created the Masters of Leadership Institute™ after 25 years in the field to help individuals leverage and monetize their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


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Deb Workman
What an absolutely incredible experience it has been!  Denise is professional, always asking probing and pertinent questions, supporting my insights, championing my discoveries and holding space when I needed it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the flow and variety of each group coaching call, having an accountability partner who sets tangible outcomes and sees my greatness always!  
Working with Denise has been trans-formative and I, with all sincerity recommend her if you're wanting to step-change your expansion and blossom!
Anne Groniger
I know my life would not be on this amazing track if it were not for Dr. Denise Simpson. This amazing lady has taught me so much about myself, my potential, and how to achieve what is mine to take. That is what we learn here. We learn how to go after what we desire in life, business, family, or lover. There is no better program out there that I have found.
Jaymie Mangelsdorf

With a changing world, Dr. Simpson is needed now more than ever before. Dr. Simpson has helped me realize the personal relationships I have with others ARE meaningful and most of all, purposeful. I would have never given my personal relationship with others a second thought without the guidance from Dr. Simpson. Dr. Simpson is deeply committed to her own calling which is to open our eyes to the deeper purpose and more importantly, become centered and grounded. Everything and everyone has a purpose and she does a stellar job at making US realize there is more to life than what we see. We need to feel.

Jannelle Means

I have become more motivated to move forward with my goals as a visionary and entrepreneur since being a part of this program. Being able to engage in weekly calls with our coach, Dr. Denise Simpson, and hear other suggestions, feedback and experiences from the other mentees has been a very beneficial part of the program for me. Receiving the encouraging posts from Dr. Simpson has been motivational for me and has been a positive note for my day.

I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone who is a leader in their field and also for those who are passionate about their dreams and visions and want to move forward in a great way. It's a great opportunity to take advantage of gaining more knowledge and insight through those ways has been very helpful for me in helping me be a well-informed leader. And I encourage anyone who needs a push to get going with your goals to join this program. And Dr. Simpson is more than equipped with an energetic and welcoming spirit to provide that support through coaching. So, come on board. It'll be great for you.

Karla Rodriguez
One thing that I want to say is it's such an amazing program what she's creating. I think one hesitation that I had to join this program was if I was going to be committed enough or if I was going to have time or just the flexibility of it. That was something that I was definitely hesitant about, but as soon as I joined, I find myself more motivated to join in into the live coaching that she has, the weekly calls. So if I ever can't make it one day in that week, then I can make it another day or I can go into the portal and I can catch up on what that call was about.
Monica Trevino-Ortega

Dr. Simpson was instrumental in my growth as a community leader during a pivotal transition period in my life. I sought her life coaching services while going through a career change as I was coming back from maternity leave and embarking on a prestigious city-wide development opportunity.

Not only did I improve tremendously in my current government role, Dr. Simpson’s coaching and curriculum also lead me to achieve one of my most important goals of starting a nonprofit.

After working with Dr. Simpson last summer, I’m proud to say that I started an impactful 501(c) that will be launching this Fall, made strides in all areas at work that yielded great recognition, and found practical ways of balancing it all as a mommy of two.

Dr. Simpson’s unique approach helped equip me with the tools and efficacy I needed to reach my full leadership potential and identify a path that was manageable and aligned with my goals.

I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with her.

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