I'm Dr. Denise, a Master Life and Leadership Coach with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.


I help high performers and leaders reach their next level of success in life, relationships, and career.

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I've spent the last 25 years coaching high performers as a leader, professor, and coach.⁣

These are my people. I know them intimately because I am one. ⁣

I understand the sacrifices, objections, and guilt for wanting more in life. ⁣

I've spent the last three years building my private coaching and consulting practice around my people. ⁣

People just like you!

I can show you how to manage your mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to help you reach your next level of success. ⁣

I want you to feel confident, pride, and find true fulfillment in all your success. ⁣

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"Dr. Simpson was instrumental in my growth as a community leader during a pivotal transition period in my life.


I sought her life coaching services while going through a career change as I was coming back from maternity leave and embarking on a prestigious city-wide development opportunity.


Not only did I improve tremendously in my current government role, Dr. Simpson’s coaching and curriculum also lead me to achieve one of my most important goals of starting a nonprofit.


After working with Dr. Simpson last summer, I’m proud to say that I started an impactful 501(c) that will be launching this Fall, made strides in all areas at work that yielded great recognition, and found practical ways of balancing it all as a mommy of two."  

-Monica T. Ortega


Your Next Level in Life, Business, and Career Awaits!

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