Hi, I am Dr. Denise.

I'm a Life and Leadership coach who helps ambitious women overcome their fears, guilt, and self-doubt so they can reach their next level of success with deep fulfillment. 

Are you a smart, ambitious woman striving for success but...

Aren't progressing to your next level of success fast enough?

I know you're an ambitious woman. You've accomplished great things.

You've seen success, and you want more. 


 But, you've hit a wall. 


A wall of objections, like self-doubt, fear of failure, or shame for wanting more.  


You have success in some areas of your life, while others are dismal in comparison. 


The more you try to use willpower, the more overwhelmed and defeated you feel.


 You ask, 

 "Why can't I be successful in this area? I am in so many others." 

"I should have been able to do something about this already."

"I'm a smart woman, I know what to do, so why can't I do it?" 

"There must be something wrong with me."

"I'm a failure."


And when these questions flood your brain with useless emotions like shame, guilt, fear, self-doubt, self-loathing, and more,


what do you do? 


Create the same thing in your life- no success, no progress, or worse inaction. 


I'm here to tell you: There's nothing wrong with you. You deserve more!


Sometimes all you need is help understanding why you're not creating the success in your life. And sometimes, you need to redefine the meaning of success.


Learn why so many ambitious women face lots of objections and how to overcome them. 


You deserve to progress to your next level of success with confidence, pride, and true fulfillment in all of your accomplishments!


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The Top 3 Objections Keeping You From Progressing to Your Next Level of Success (And How to Overcome Them).

The Top 3 Objections Keeping You From Progressing to Your Next Level of Success (And How to Overcome Them).

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