Meet Dr. Denise

Leadership Coach and Career Strategist


Welcome, my friend!


I'm happy you made it here. A home for all professional women working their hardest to provide for themselves and their families.


As a BIPOC woman in the field of leadership, I know the obstacles many face in life and career.


If you experienced anything like my upbringing, then you know the cultural and societal expectations bestowed upon you from generations past.


You see, I was raised along the Texas Mexican Border in a small town called Laredo. I had one foot in Mexico while the other in America.


I often found my values in conflict with one another- part of me wanted to live the American dream of success and ambition, while the other part was filled with limiting beliefs of self-doubt, unworthiness, and the ever-elusive stronghold of the patriarchal system.


As a result of this conflict, I found myself leaving my hometown to pursue a career. 


Upon high school graduation, I immediately enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio and declared my major- a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Leadership and Administration.


This was the beginning of a path that led to lots of formal education- two Master's degrees and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. Plus, a board certification as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Even though my mind was busy in formal learning, my heart was void of two critical things- passion and fulfillment! Passion for the direction I was taking my career and true fulfillment for my work as a leader.


You see, I followed the "proven path" of education. I did everything my college advisors told me to do. I wasn't asked, "What are you passionate about? And how much money do you want to make doing that?"


Instead I was steered into a career that was predictable, one that I wouldn't dare refuse or run the risk of disappointing my Mexican family.


I was following someone else's dreams. Two decades into my career, I finally realized all the sacrifices I had made for a career that was unfulfilling and soul crushing.


With each passing day I grew disengaged and resentful in my organization. I didn't feel seen, heard, or understood by my leaders or peers. Even though I was loyal to my work, I knew I had to leave. 


I found myself at a crossroads. I could choose to a. Stay in my organization and endure the bureaucracy and grow even more resentful and disenchanted, or b. Leave the organization to seek what truly brought me passion and fulfillment.


I chose the latter, which led me to a career that lights up every cell and neuron in my body! As a leadership coach and business strategist, I help transform the lives of women who want to leverage and monetize their KSAs- Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. She is ready to find the intersection of her values, passions, and years of expertise to start a new journey!


A new journey of entrepreneurship as a service-based provider.


My client is at a crossroads. She can either stay in an organization that is no longer aligned with her core values or start a business on her terms that fires up her passion for helping others while finding fulfillment in the freedom of time to enjoy her family and the money to allow her more choices.


With my proven systems and step-by-step guidance, I can help you too.


Become a Certified Coach through a comprehensive system that shows you how to leverage and monetize your years of experience, formal training, and education so that you can add more value to your current organization or start one of your own on your terms. Go here to learn more.


If you are ready to explore the possibilities, then reach out! I'm only a Zoom call away. Click here to schedule time with me.


See you soon!


Your coach,

Dr. Denise Simpson, Ph.D.
Founder of Masters of Leadership Institute™
@DrDeniseSimpson on FB/IG/CH


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