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About Me

Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I was raised in a small Texas town along the Mexican border called Laredo, where I learned the most instrumental values that have made me the leader I am today.

Those two values are Education and Empowerment which drive my every decision as a coach, professor, researcher, and entrepreneur.

It wasn't always the case. Let me explain.

I was the middle sister of a family of five. I certainly wasn't the smartest or the prettiest. My sisters would tell everyone I was adopted because of how visibly different I looked from them. I was a chubby, dark-skinned, gap tooth girl with jet black hair--a sharp contrast to the porcelain complexion of my mother and sisters.

To make matters worse, I spoke Spanish until I was 8 years old, so language was a barrier between us. My grandmother, whom I adored as much as my mother, didn't speak a lick of English. To remain special in my Guela's (Grannie's) eyes, I refused to speak English.

To some, I was a weirdo and a loser who didn't have many friends. So I tried my damndest to fly under the radar. My daily goal was to avoid unwanted attention-- negative or positive attention from anyone!

So what did I do?

I retreated like a turtle back into its shell. I dimmed my brilliance soooo, so, low no one could see me. I got so good at being invisible; once my Dad forgot me at a gasoline station bathroom when I was 9 years old.

I left Laredo at 17 years old to go to college, and little did I know, this decision would begin the metamorphosis my soul was longing for. This time marks the building of my spiritual foundation, which I would continue to strengthen throughout my life.

I learned about the spiritual principles of Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and many more spiritual teachers. I became obsessed with personal and spiritual empowerment and attended as many workshops as possible. I studied as many books as I could buy which I still own today.

Throughout my 20's, I continued building upon my spiritual foundation while simultaneously creating a career and education that no one could every question.

I was deliberately creating a life I loved because I knew I deserved it. It took me leaving my hometown and using my spiritual compass to lead me into a career in education and empowerment.

Today, I've spent over 23 years in the fields of leadership, empowerment, and education as a researcher, professor, and practitioner. In 2017, I answered my greatest calling. I left higher education to pursue my mission of empowering and educating the masses.

The shackles of governance and regulation are now removed from my students and me. I'm now able to provide online leadership education through my Masters of Leadership Institute. My courses are open to anyone, without admission requirements; lifting the burdens of high tuition, time away from family, and accessible anytime with lifetime access.

I also have a life coaching membership called the Deliberate Creators Club™ where I provide weekly guidance to help my clients through The Sacred Circle of Alignment™ model. This membership bridges the world of neuroscience and the world of spirituality. It's my holistic approach to life coaching. I created this model from personal experience and from witnessing transformational results from hundreds of clients.

Because I dared to follow my life's purpose and provide transformational programs, I'm able to donate to non-profits whose primary focus is empowerment, education, and leadership. Because I dared to deliberately create a life filled with immense love, joy, and alignment with my highest purpose, I can do what I love to do--empower!

What will you dare to do? Have you come to the realization you deserve more? It's time to begin this transformative journey. It's time to take a chance on you.

It would be an honor to support you and guide you on this journey. If you are ready, let's work together. I'm waiting for you!

Official Bio

Denise is a nationally recognized expert in the field of leadership with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies and is a professional certified coach.

While still in her mid-twenties, and shortly after earning dual Masters Degrees in Management and Human Resource Development, Denise was appointed as department chair of Adult Education to one of the largest community colleges in southern Texas. Her success in that role led to her being sought out as a lecturer and coach throughout the field of academia. At the same time, she launched complimentary careers in publishing and international commerce.

Seeking greater challenges, Denise went back to school to earn her Ph.D., while at the same time beginning her formal coaching career as both a professional life and leadership coach and the CEO of two different companies. Denise’s main focus is Simpson Strategies, LLC, an empowerment group specializing in performance and personal development with a strong emphasis in Leadership development.

As a certified life and leadership coach Denise helps her clients master their own internal forces in order to fully realize their emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual potential. Her practice focuses on evidence-based strategies with an emphasis on neuroscience.

For all media inquiries, please email [email protected]

Denise Throughout The Years

Let's Work Together!

Here are several ways we can work together...

Deliberate Creators Club

Monthly Membership

If you are ready to become a deliberate creator, let me help you. You can join my exclusive life coaching membership, Deliberate Creators Club right now.

Masters of Leadership Institute

If you are ready to learn from a professor, researcher, and practitioner of leadership with over 23 years in the field, then you'll love my Masters of Leadership Institute. 

Coaching Services

If you want a personalized, customized coaching experience with me, email me at [email protected].

Corporate and Organizational Leadership

For corporate workshops or leadership trainings, email me at [email protected].


Masters of Leadership Institute

An online leadership institute designed by Dr. Denise to help maximize your leadership potential so you can inspire your followers, impact your organization's bottom line, and ultimately redefine the way your leadership transforms the world!


Deliberate Creators Club

Are you ready to become a deliberate creator? Join me in my exclusive membership where I teach you the action steps to manifest all of your heart's desires.


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