Meet Dr. Denise Simpson, Ph.D.

Hello! I'm Dr. Denise Simpson, a leadership expert and trainer who founded the Masters of Leadership Institute.

With a deep commitment to transforming corporate environments through effective leadership practices, the MLI was founded to provide evidence-based research curriculum through leadership training and coaching services. 

Our training programs are not just about addressing these challenges, they are about overcoming them.

By enhancing leadership capabilities, we can boost employee productivity, drastically reduce turnover rates, and build a positive corporate culture that attracts top talent and nurtures innovation.

Imagine the possibilities for your organization with these improvements! Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies and leaders that have revolutionized their leadership approach with our training. 

Let's make your organization a place where leaders are equipped to foster engagement and drive success.

Connect with me to discover how our training cannot only elevate your company's leadership but also unlock the full potential of your leaders, leading to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a positive corporate culture.


Professional Bio:

Dr. Denise Simpson is a renowned Leadership Expert, Public Academic, Researcher, and Certified Executive Coach, dedicated to empowering leaders to make a greater impact in their organizations.

With a distinguished career in leadership development, Dr. Simpson combines her extensive research with practical coaching strategies to guide executives in navigating complex challenges and driving transformational change.

Her evidence-based approach, honed through years of academic and fieldwork, equips leaders with the tools to foster innovation, enhance team performance, and cultivate a culture of excellence.

Whether through one-on-one coaching, dynamic workshops, or insightful publications, Dr. Simpson's expertise helps leaders unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable success. 

Dr. Denise Simpson holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, Dual Master of Arts in Human Resource Development and Management and a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Leadership and Administration.


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