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The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

Hosted by: Denise Simpson

Dr. Denise Simpson is a master life and leadership coach with a Ph.D. in leadership studies. She helps female leaders create a life and career of true happiness and fulfillment. As a former administrator and faculty...

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156. Being Comfortable with Discomfort

Most people run from discomfort. It's an emotion that is unwanted yet misunderstood.Ā  Please tune in to a short episode to hear how I'm using discomfort to measure progress. Watch video replay by clicking here.
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155. Reflect, Rejoice, Renew

As we prepare to close this year and plan for the next, take a moment to reflect, rejoice and renew! Reflect on the successes and setbacks,Ā Rejoice in the learnings you've earned, andĀ Renew your focus and energy for...
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154. How To Change Your Past

This year has been incredibly painful for many. Not only with personal matters but with world conflicts.Ā  I've personally had one of the most painful years of my life. What I did was return to a student mindset, where...
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153. How To Give Negative Feedback Positively

Having difficult conversations or giving negative feedback for some is highly stressful. Especially if you're needing to deliver "not so favorable" news to an employee.Ā Ā According to one poll, 80% of employees are...
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152. Courage Over Confidence

Contrary to what many believe about leaders, confidence isn't natural for most. Like a muscle, confidence is built over time and strengthened with each challenge.No matter your title or tenure, self-doubt is normal...
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151. Why NEW Leaders Feel Overwhelmed

New leaders often feel overwhelmed for various reasons, as taking on a leadership role comes with a unique set of challenges and responsibilities. Many new leaders soon realize after promotion that they need more...
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150. Why You Feel Powerless

Many leaders feel powerful in their personal lives but abdicate their power in the workplace. Why is it that so many leaders find it challenging to exert their power among their team? Have they seen many bad leaders...
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149. See the Good In Your Employees

The challenge many leaders face is seeing the good in their employees because it's easy to blame your staff when team performance is dismal. More often than not, the real problem is that the leader herself, is unable...
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148. The Proven Path to Mastery

Mastery is iterative. It's not achieved like a college degree and then you're done. It's a mindset that involves continuous evaluation and improvement. As a leader, you are obligated to gain mastery in your mindset,...
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147. How to Shift from Peer to Leader

You're not an individual star performer anymore. You're a leader now.Ā  Many new managers and leaders are having a difficult time going from peer to leader. These leaders have yet to close the gap from an...
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146. AI for Leaders

Many leaders I work with are afraid of AI. They believe if they use AI in their organization, like Chat GPT, they're cheating. They feel like frauds and have put morality on using a tool that is only made to enhance...
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145. Worthy

Most people muster up self-confidence everyday. Self-confidence to have challenging conversations with their employees, confidence to present to their board of directors, or confidence to deal with an angry...
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