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The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

Hosted by: Denise Simpson

Dr. Denise Simpson is a master life and leadership coach with a Ph.D. in leadership studies. She helps female leaders create a life and career of true happiness and fulfillment. As a former administrator and faculty...

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131. The Secret Thought You Have About Your Employees

Join me on today's podcast episode, where I talk about the secret thought you have about your employees. You'll also learn... this creates loneliness and disappointment in your life and leadership...
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130. How Unconscious Bias Holds Women Back

Join me on today's podcast, where I talk about unconscious bias in the workplace. You'll also learn: bias holds women from advancing in their careers, ...what we make others' bias and their behaviors mean about...
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129. Current Status: DISRUPTOR

Join me on today's podcast, where I pay homage to you and your unique perspective on disruption.   You'll also learn:  …why disruptors are unlike other leaders, and what makes them loved AND hated …the most powerful...
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128. The Cost of Leadership is Discomfort

Leadership will cost you discomfort. Your role of leader will bring up lots of unresolved or unaware beliefs about your employees, your peers, and your capacity to lead.  It is the most challenging role in an...
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127. The Principles of Mastery

You're on a pursuit of mastery. You're on a new climb, a mountain you plan to summit. But do you have what it takes to summit this mountain with mastery? Taken from a live training inside the Masters of Leadership...
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126. What Do You Want to Prove Today

What do you want to prove today? Are you having to prove to others that you are worthy of your leadership position? When you think the thought "I am not enough" all your actions are driven to please others or to show...
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125. When to Ask for Help

Do you ask for help, leader? Many of us are either are too afraid to ask others for help or we're used doing things for ourselves that we don't bother to ask others for help.  In this episode, you'll learn why you...
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124. Leadership Can Be Easy

Leadership can be easy. It can if you want it to be. After helping hundreds of women leaders, I have distilled the abstract concept down to three variables that impact your leadership: Mindset, Skill set, and...
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BONUS: The Visionary Leader 2023 Training

This BONUS episode is a replay of a public masterclass taught by Dr. Denise on December 29, 2022.  In this episode, you will gain a deeper understanding of the qualifiers of a Visionary Leader and how to take your...
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123. 10,000 Women Leaders

You are one of 10,000 women leaders I'm committed to serving within the next 5 years. If you are a woman leader, you are of great importance to me! And I'm dedicated to helping you on your path of leadership. In this...
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122. The Executive Quarterly Planner

Listen closely to a special announcement I have for you! I created a leadership asset EVERY leader must use-- The Executive Quarterly Planner! In this episode, you'll learn why I created a 90-day planner for leaders,...
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121. The Visionary Leader

The Visionary Leader is always looking forward. She's not forgetting her past but taking inventory of the learnings from her setbacks.  No doubt this type of leader is forward-focused with a lens of problem...
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