The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

Hosted by: Denise Simpson

Dr. Denise Simpson is a master life and leadership coach with a Ph.D. in leadership studies. She helps female leaders create a life and career of true happiness and fulfillment. As a former administrator and faculty...

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67. Your Future Self Is Calling

Ring, ring, ring! Your future self is calling. Answer the phone, won't you?!? Your future self wants to tell you that the time is now. It's time to dust off those desires you put on hold during the pandemic and...
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66. Authentic Leadership

There is no one like you on this earth. There is no one that leads like you. You bring a unique vantage point or perspective to your leadership. Although you may have learned how to lead from bad leaders, buried in...
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65. Leadership is Service

What do you think of when you hear the word LEADERSHIP? Do you think of power and formal titles that are associated with money and perks? Or do you think of serving others and uplifting others on their individual...
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64. Rethinking Your Relationship With Career

What's your relationship like with your career, my friend? Is it one of joy and fulfillment, or is it like a fickle lover- one day it's hot and the next cold! Brrrr.... On today's episode, Dr. Denise shows you how to...
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63. The Most Influential Person You Know

Get ready, Leader! You're going to meet the most influential person you know...YOU!  Turn up the volume on this episode because it's time to celebrate you and your power and influence. Why? Because you are the last...
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62. The Mental Health of Leaders

Women leaders suffer.  Better said, women leaders suffer too.  The myth that women who lead don't suffer because, well, why would they? They're at the top. They're high achieving, high-performing individuals. How...
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61. Here's How To Belong

"I don't belong." Yup. I don't belong. Three words, when formed together, create an interesting human experience of emotions like loneliness, rejection, and unworthiness. And when you feel these emotions a lot can...
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60. Women and Their Desires

Episode #60

What are you desiring for right now, my friend? The lover in the bed. The degree on your wall. The job promotion. You know, the desire you've shelved because of how much work it will take to accomplish it or how much...
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59. Permission to Disrupt

Episode #59

Permission granted, my friend! If you were waiting to receive permission to disrupt stuff, your wait has ended! And by "stuff," we mean your neurology. And by neurology, Dr. Denise means your beliefs, programs,...
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58. Mind The Gap

Episode #58

Where are you right now in your life? Are you experiencing all that life has to offer? Are you finding ways to expand and grow in your life?Or perhaps you're stagnant or taking a pause in achieving big goals in your...
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57. Leader Self-Concept

Episode #57

What is your leadership self-concept? What mental image comes up for you when you think of yourself as a leader? These are the questions we ponder on today's episode.  Your leadership self-concept determines how you...
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56. Self-Love Challenge

Episode #56

How many times do you embark on a challenge or goal, excited with a plan and forward momentum, when you are stopped in your tracks with negative thoughts or emotions?  On one hand, you are set with a solid plan and on...
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