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Praise For Dr. Denise Simpson

Read testimonials from Dr. Denise's current and former clients and students!

"Dr. Denise Simpson, is not merely an exceptional coach and mentor; she is a force of inspiration and transformation that has left an indelible mark on my life. Working with Dr. Denise Simpson has been nothing short of amazing. From the very beginning of our journey, it was evident that I was in the hands of someone truly exceptional. Dr. Simpson possesses a unique ability to listen and empathize, creating a space where I felt heard and understood in a way that surpassed all previous coaching experiences. She provided me with a safe space to explore my dreams, fears, and aspirations and her invaluable guidance illuminated the path for me to overcome obstacles and reach my most ambitious goals. With her unwavering support, I found the courage to face my deepest insecurities and confront challenges I'd been avoiding for years. What set Dr. Simpson apart is her unwavering commitment to my growth and well-being. She didn't offer generic advice but personalized her guidance tailored to my specific needs and circumstances. This approach made all the difference, and it was clear to me that she genuinely cares about my success and happiness. Working with such an extraordinary coach and mentor has not only transformed my life but has also helped me become a better version of myself. I am endlessly grateful for her guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support. If you're in search of a coach and mentor who can truly make a difference, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Simpson. She's not just amazing; she's life-changing."

Melissa Ortiz MA, LPC-S
Founder & CEO of Metanoia Counseling

"As a client of Dr. Denise Garcia Simpson, I was introduced to her work through the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Latina Leadership Institute (LLI), and I remember hearing her story of resilience and incredible resolve. Upon taking this leap of faith, and quite frankly in the words of Dr. Simpson, a strategic step of “risk tolerance,” I moved to Austin for a career move that has been transformational. In that vein, we are encouraged to engage with an executive coach, and Dr. Simpson has been someone that has become my confidant, sounding board, and executive coach to delve into challenging conversations centered around female executive skillset, mindset, and capacity. Dr. Simpson’s expertise in neuroscience and leadership holds a mirror to your brain, and says our “brain is going to brain,” but she teaches you how to quiet the negativity and gives you space to be your authentic self, and has taught me and has ingrained in me, that “to be in this position or to be in a position of great influence and responsibility is a privilege and never a right.” I have been on this journey with Dr. Simpson for nearly two years, and she has not only worked with me, but she has also created tailored workshops for our Communications team members, so that we may pour into their professional development and leadership. If you want to see you and your team transform, you must make the time to research Dr. Simpson, engage with Dr. Simpson on a one-on-one basis for a courtesy hour-long session, and see her passion come through as she listens, observes, and processes your experiences. Dr. Simpson is authentic, brilliant, caring, charismatic, intelligent. She is a trusted professional specializing in neuroscience-leadership, female executive leadership, and understanding the intricacies of the C-Suite."

Anais B. Miracle
Chief Communications Officer, Nonprofit Organization

"Dr. Garcia Simpson is compassionate, inspiring and ready to disrupt systemic inequalities. She understands the nuances of being a Latina in leadership and has helped me navigate some unexpected situations. After every meeting with her, I leave feeling validated, understood and equipped with a plan. She is invested in my growth and goals. Dr. Simpson’s Master of Leadership Institute has positively impacted my life, sharpened my skills and beliefs. "

Dr. Erica Martinez, Ph.D., LMSW
Nonprofit Leader

"When I first started working with Dr. Simpson, I was still transitioning from my previous Graphic Designer role into the one of Brand and Project Manager. Having always seen myself exclusively as a graphic designer, this career shift required a profound identity change. The new position came with its own set of challenges, as I was now responsible for serving multiple stakeholders and handling numerous tasks. This increased workload sometimes made me question my ability to adapt to the new challenges effectively. Throughout our time together, I am most proud of the transformation in my mindset and the realization of my true potential. Dr. Denise has helped me navigate the challenges of managing several responsibilities. Her guidance and support have been invaluable in reminding me of my professional self-worth and empowering me to embrace the demands of my role with confidence. The progress I've made with Dr. Denise Simpson's guidance has been truly remarkable. She has encouraged me to explore project management, which has equipped me with valuable tools and techniques which benefit my new role, my team, and my organization. Dr. Simpson's support and expertise have been invaluable in sharpening my communication skills, empowering me to articulate ideas effectively and navigate conflicts with confidence. I am grateful for the transformation she has helped me achieve, both professionally and personally. To anyone who is facing the challenges of a new role or feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities, I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Dr. Denise and joining the Masters of Leadership Institute. Her expertise and support will help you uncover your true potential, build confidence in your professional abilities, and find a fulfilling path amidst the challenges. Investing in this program is an investment in your growth and success. Your future self will thank you for making this decision. "

Nat Sifuentes
Brand & Project Manager Nonprofit Organization

"Dr. Simpson was instrumental in my growth as a community leader during a pivotal transition period in my life. I sought her life coaching services while going through a career change as I was coming back from maternity leave and embarking on a prestigious city-wide development opportunity. Not only did I improve tremendously in my current government role, Dr. Simpson’s coaching and curriculum also lead me to achieve one of my most important goals of starting a nonprofit. After working with Dr. Simpson last summer, I’m proud to say that I started an impactful 501(c) that will be launching this Fall, made strides in all areas at work that yielded great recognition, and found practical ways of balancing it all as a mommy of two. Dr. Simpson’s unique approach helped equip me with the tools and efficacy I needed to reach my full leadership potential and identify a path that was manageable and aligned with my goals. I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with her."

Monica Trevino-Ortega
Public Information Officer, San Antonio River Authority

"Having been with Dr. Denise, I am learning to be a more mindful leader.  I continue to work on creating a positive, creative and empowering environment for my co-workers, team members even my friends and family!  Dr. Denise is the coach that you want in your corner, cheering you on, and helping you back up when you falter.  If you hunger to become a deliberate and effective leader and are ready to take on the work to reach that goal, then invest your energy and time with Dr. Denise Simpson. It truly will be the best investment and life-altering adventure you give yourself. "

Ana Ramirez
Executive Assistant, Austin Community College

"Before working with Dr. Denise and Masters of Leadership Institute, I felt out of place in leadership although I have a natural tendency for it. I did not feel confident or strong as a leader in certain places, especially as a Latina, as if I was not taken seriously. Imposter syndrome would take over and I would second guess myself. The MLI offers "real talk" with real solutions that I needed to help realize my self-worth, both as an individual and professional. This along with the unfailing support of Dr. Denise and MLI made me feel that I could take on my Leadership role and know I was not fact was cherished and championed. I realized the support and trainings of MLI were working when I stopped fearing the process, people and position I was aiming for to level up. I am happy to divulge that I am the new Director of Advising at UIW. I feel confident that I am making a difference everyday in the lives of my students. I am a work in progress, but happy to continue to realize the changes in myself, my confidence and overall life balance. "

Gloria Ramos-Cortes
Higher Education Leader

"Dr. Simpson has quite simply changed my life. Her teachings on servant leadership and meeting one's full potential is essential to all of us. Dr. Simpson inspires me to become better everyday and practice maintaining balance and alignment. Her unwavering support for me (and all of her clients) in both my professional and personal life has brought immense value. My decision making capabilities and professional development have strengthened through Dr. Simpson's teachings. I'm excited to continue progressing through her guidance. "

Annelise Gonzalez
Director of Business Development and Communications of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®

"Denise is incredible! She has the power to bring forth people’s talents and gifts. I truly value and respect her guidance and support as a Leadership Coach and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to up-level their life and career."

Dayhanna Acosta
Marketing Strategist and CEO at Chase Your Fears

"Dr. Simpson’s knowledge and experience as a Life and Leadership Coach has allowed me to expand my intuitive understanding of my own leadership practice. She focuses on who you are as a person and how to grow in a manner that fulfills your higher purpose, as a leader and human being. Her continued support and encouragement has facilitated my development, personally and professionally, in being able to identify my passion and better navigate my career path. I am truly grateful for Dr. Simpson’s empathy and ability to nurture my leadership potential. I highly recommend Dr. Simpson to others wanting to grow wholly and holistically."

Dr. Tina J. Siller
University of the Incarnate Word, Former Board Trustee

"As a sponsor of Masters of Leadership, it is an honor and privilege to give back to emerging female leaders. Dr. Simpson’s expertise is engaging and insightful and has an ear to what new female leaders are needing as they navigate often uncharted territory. She is there for them every step of the way. It is essential to invest in our next generation of leaders, as we must cultivate their entire spirit and wellbeing, so that they may pour into their teams, and begin building the foundation of trust, Emotional Intelligence, and compassion. Dr. Simpson tailors each of her individual sessions with the emerging leader in mind. Dr. Simpson is an educator at heart and wants to create the next generation of Masters of Leaders, and her expertise in neuroscience paired with leadership will provide the emerging leader a balance of robust leadership principles that can be applied to everyday life, along with getting to know the emerging leader and what their current capacity is, and what their capabilities are in the future as they build their career. An investment in Masters of Leadership will yield a significant return on investment for the organization they call their employer, to the potential staff members they may lead in the future. Invest today for tomorrow’s leaders that will be our next generation of C-suite executives."

Anais B. Miracle
Chief Communications Officer, Nonprofit Organization

"I know my life would not be on this amazing track if it were not for Dr. Denise Simpson. This amazing lady has taught me so much about myself, my potential, and how to achieve what is mine to take. That is what we learn here. We learn how to go after what we desire in life, business, family, or lover. There is no better program out there that I have found. "

Anne Groniger
Higher Education Professional

"With a changing world, Dr. Simpson is needed now more than ever before. Dr. Simpson has helped me realize the personal relationships I have with others ARE meaningful and most of all, purposeful. I would have never given my personal relationship with others a second thought without the guidance from Dr. Simpson. Dr. Simpson is deeply committed to her own calling which is to open our eyes to the deeper purpose and more importantly, become centered and grounded. Everything and everyone has a purpose and she does a stellar job at making US realize there is more to life than what we see. We need to feel."

Jaymie M., M.A.
Senior Executive Director for Governmental Relations

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