Hi! I'm Dr. Denise.

Certified Master Coach with a PhD in Leadership Studies. 


I help ambitious individuals and organizations step into their power through self-leadership.

The principles of Self-Leadership I created are the keys you need to consistently achieve specific and desired results in all areas of your life.

Live. Lead. Align.

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The world needs leaders more than ever. Leadership is one of the most important skills you can master. With great influence, you have the power to drive change, innovation, and profit. But not before you do the work from the inside out! With over 25 years in leadership, I've gathered my 5 Guiding Principles to Build Your Leadership Foundation. Grab the guide below!

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Ambitious women have great desire to succeed. When your desires are in conflict with your beliefs, objections get in the way of your success. After coaching hundreds of ambitious women (and being one myself), I've gathered the Top 3 Objections Keeping You From Reaching Your Next Level of Success (And How To Overcome Them). Grab the training below!

I'm ready!

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