About Dr. Denise

Denise is a nationally recognized expert in the field of leadership with a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies and is a professional certified coach.

While still in her mid-twenties, and shortly after earning dual Masters Degrees in Management and Human Resource Development, Denise was appointed as department chair of Adult Education to one of the largest community colleges in southern Texas. Her success in that role led to her being sought out as a lecturer and coach throughout the field of academia. At the same time, she launched complimentary careers in publishing and international commerce.

Seeking greater challenges, Denise went back to school to earn her Ph.D., while at the same time beginning her formal coaching career as both a professional life and leadership coach and the CEO of two different companies. Denise’s main focus is Simpson Strategies, LLC, an empowerment group specializing in performance and personal development with a strong emphasis in Leadership development.

As a certified life and leadership coach Denise helps her clients master their own internal forces in order to fully realize their emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual potential. Her practice focuses on evidence-based strategies with an emphasis on neuroscience.

Welcome to my site. I know your time is precious, so I want to thank you for visiting and learning about my mission to empower you to live a joyous, delicious life!

Whether it’s achieving career success, acquiring material objects, developing healthy relationships, or loving partners, we all want one thing...to be happy. So we know what we want...Joy! But we don’t know how to get it.

The work begins with you. Self-reflection is an important part of this process. Self- actualization is the goal. My clients can expect the use of research and proven scientific strategies in my coaching practice.

The journey began...

After losing my parents to debilitating diseases, one from Alzheimer’s disease and the other from Diabetes and Alcoholism, I was desperate to fill this gaping hole in my soul.

As I agonized over their life choices, I was suffering from my own addictions. Heading into a downward spiral of destruction.

I NEEDED relief. Seriously, how long can you keep a cork underwater? Not very long, trust me.

The hardest thing to do was to stop playing the role of the victim. I found self-love, worth and respect for my body, my mind, and my soul. I got off my rear, dusted myself off and got on my way!

I understand what brings endless joy and unconditional loving relationships. And trust me my friends, I want the same for you.

One last thing, I'm not one to sell my credentials or services; however, I am one who pushes love. So if you decide to stick around my site or even hire me, this is what you will get. My baseline is love- that's where I start. And in every situation or circumstance, I begin and end with love and compassion.


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