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81. Allowing Negative Emotions

Trigger Warning: This episode contains subjects that may prompt strong emotions. Headphones are recommended if little ears are nearby. 


Listen to the rawest, most emotional episode I've ever published.

For those who are wanting to learn how to identify negative emotions like rage, anger, shame, fear, and sadness, and process these emotions in a healthy way, please tune in with an open mind.

On today's episode, you'll learn how I am processing a current circumstance in my life with the tools I've learned through my own healing journey.

This episode will help leaders understand the importance of processing negative emotions. You'll learn how to identify these emotions in your body, and welcome them in for an opportunity to learn from them. This is an opportunity to learn from the wide-range of emotions that the human brain produces and how by doing this personal work will allow you to stand in your fullness and lead with more compassion and understanding. 

It's the most important work you can do for yourself and your leadership! Tune in now.


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