Dr. Denise Simpson is absolutely a breath of fresh air in the coaching industry. Not only does she practice what she teaches... she channels her pure, radiant and loving energy into the work she does with others- bringing about healing for all.
— Kenda Swanson from Awaken Inspire Empower Services, Inc.

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Kenda says...

Working with Denise is like drinking a glass of cool water when you’re absolutely parched; her wisdom nourishes and revitalizes you from the inside out. Denise continues to inspire me with her courage, creativity and humility. Looking forward to future collaborations with this brilliant woman and fellow coach.

- Kenda Swanson, Awaken Inspire Empower Services, Inc.


Dayhanna says...

Denise is incredible! She has the power to bring forth people’s talents and gifts. I truly value and respect her guidance and support as a Leadership Coach and would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to uplevel their life and career.

- Dayhanna Acosta, Marketing Strategist and CEO at Chase Your Fears



Lara says...

Denise has a way of bringing an open presence that fosters an insightful dialogue between you and your higher self. She takes the time to listen to your needs, and finds the right moment to ask the poignant questions, which allow you to drive your own solutions. Denise’s calm demeanor encourages you to relax and open up to the possibilities that lie within.

- Lara Daniels, Life Coach and Yoga Instructor


Jaymie says...

With a changing world, Dr. Simpson is needed now more than ever before. Dr. Simpson has helped me realize the personal relationships I have with others ARE meaningful and most of all, purposeful. I would have never given my personal relationship with others a second thought without the guidance from Dr. Simpson. Dr. Simpson is deeply committed to her own calling which is to open our eyes to the deeper purpose and more importantly, become centered and grounded. Everything and everyone has a purpose and she does a stellar job at making US realize there is more to life than what we see. We need to feel.

-Mrs. Jaymie H. Mangelsdorf, M.A.
UT Health San Antonio
Senior Executive Director for Governmental Relations