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How To Give Negative Feedback Positively


Having difficult conversations or giving negative feedback for some is highly stressful. Especially if you're needing to deliver "not so favorable" news to an employee. 
According to one poll, 80% of employees are dreading having difficult conversations in the workplace. While another study shows that 70% of managers are afraid of giving negative feedback. 
Let me help you prepare to deliver negative feedback positively, and how to create a culture of giving and receiving among your team. 
Tune in now to learn the four ways to give negative feedback positively. 

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Courage Over Confidence


Contrary to what many believe about leaders, confidence isn't natural for most. Like a muscle, confidence is built over time and strengthened with each challenge.

No matter your title or tenure, self-doubt is normal when you stretch the edges of your comfort level.

Let me help you normalize the discomfort and self-doubt by tapping into another emotion instead--Courage.

Tune in to learn how to cultivate courage while building confidence through challenging times with a practical and easy 3 step process.

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Why You Feel Powerless


Many leaders feel powerful in their personal lives but abdicate their power in the workplace.

Why is it that so many leaders find it challenging to exert their power among their team? Have they seen many bad leaders abuse their power? Is it because they lack mastery in their mindset, skill set, or strategy?

Perhaps, it's all this plus how you were programmed as a child. 

Tune in to learn the new definition of power and a powerful reframe to help you show up everyday a leader who exerts her authority and power to create an impact in the results of her team.

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Lead the Change


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