60. Women and Their Desires

Episode #60

What are you desiring for right now, my friend? The lover in the bed. The degree on your wall. The job promotion. You know, the desire you've shelved because of how much work it will take to accomplish it or how much sacrifice you think you'll have to take to achieve it.

Desire is an emotion created by thoughts you have about a particular circumstance. You've created everything in your life because of your desires. Your desires move your life forward or can have the opposite effect and keep you stuck in fear and self-doubt. 

On today's episode, Dr. Denise shares that desires are like flames that need to be fanned. And how having a strong desire to achieve a goal will require close attention and care as you travel on the journey to achievement. 

Tune in to learn how to identify your desires or dust off an old desire you want to make a reality. Women and Their Desires is a public plea from Dr. Denise to fulfill every desire no matter how big or small because you are worth it!

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