61. Here's How To Belong

"I don't belong."

Yup. I don't belong.

Three words, when formed together, create an interesting human experience of emotions like loneliness, rejection, and unworthiness.

And when you feel these emotions a lot can happen.

Like twisting yourself into a pretzel to fit into a group. And in my case, the 7-figure earner club I'm eyeing.

Like accomplishing other people's goals they have for you while sacrificing your soul to fit into their club.

Like dialing down your brilliance, so you don't get kicked out of the Mensa Society. (Don't you know, you can't be the ONE with the highest IQ in the room. A story for another time;)

On today's episode of The Dr. Denise Simpson podcast, I'll teach you how your thoughts of belonging affect how you show up in the world (like contorting yourself to fit others' ideals) and the key that unlocks this limiting belief and obliterates it into a million pieces.

HINT: Your mind is the key.

Listen now to learn how to show up for yourself in a way that feels authentic, feeling accepted, and brilliant just the way you are.

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