67. Your Future Self Is Calling

Ring, ring, ring! Your future self is calling.

Answer the phone, won't you?!?

Your future self wants to tell you that the time is now. It's time to dust off those desires you put on hold during the pandemic and re-engage with them now.

So, let's go! It's time to make those juicy, delicious desires a reality. 

On today's episode, Dr. Denise shares a short exercise on how to identify your personal and professional desires and plan from your future self. You'll learn how to tap into the future version of yourself who is living as if the goal or desire has been achieved. This is an exercise of visualization and creativity--and one of the most fun practices intentional leaders use to manifest all of their dreams, desires, and goals! 

Dr. Denise invites you to continue the conversation over on Instagram @drdenisesimpson.

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