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139. The Art of Your Leadership

Dr. Denise Simpson, a master life and leadership coach specializing in empowering women's authentic and feminine leadership, discusses the dynamic interplay between the science and art of leadership.

While science encompasses research-backed strategies and proven frameworks, the art lies in the unique expression of one's values, beliefs, and individual perspective in leadership. Dr. Simpson emphasizes the significance of understanding personal values and self-expression as integral components of effective leadership. She underscores the impact of mindset and unconscious beliefs on leadership, advocating for self-awareness as a pivotal skill.

Highlighting values like respect, trust, and transparency, she urges listeners to recognize and prioritize their values to shape their leadership approach.

Dr. Simpson introduces the Masters of Leadership Institute as a resource for cultivating masterful leadership skills and concludes by encouraging leaders to embrace their distinctiveness and express their leadership in a transformative manner.


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