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The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast

Hosted by: Denise Simpson

Dr. Denise Simpson is a master life and leadership coach with a Ph.D. in leadership studies. She helps female leaders create a life and career of true happiness and fulfillment. As a former administrator and faculty...

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91. We are Masters of Leadership

Women leaders deserve support in all aspects of their lives and leadership.  Look no further! The Masters of Leadership was created for you, dear leader.  On this episode, you'll learn why the MOL will support you...
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90. Are you hiding in plain sight?

Many women leaders admit they're hiding in plain sight.  Although they have leadership titles and all the obligations that come with status, they feel like they must hide their opinions to not draw attention to...
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89. Choose Joy

Choose joy, Leader! Many of us think that we don't have much control of the thoughts we think. Of the 65,000 thoughts we have a day, that may be true! But where the power lies is within the control you have to set...
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88. Sovereign Leader Mastermind

The Sovereign Leader Mastermind is here! The opportunity to work with a coach who has been in your shoes and has experienced parallel lives with you is here. Learn about this new one-on-one coaching container for an...
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87. Leader Versus Savior Complex

Leader BEWARE!  Don't confuse your role as leader for the savior complex. Some female leaders are attracted to this "style of leadership" because of their desire to save others or to seek people who desperately need...
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86. What Women Leaders Want

What do you really, really want, dear leader? We know what you NEED to be a great leader: coaching, development, training, certifications, etc. This episode is dedicated to what women leaders REALLY want. On this...
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85. The Story You Tell Yourself About Yourself

The stories you tell yourself about yourself creates the results in your life. These stories motivate you to take action or inaction in your life and leadership. On this episode, you"ll learn how the narratives you...
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84. Boundaries

Setting boundaries is self-care. As women leaders, setting boundaries with those that we serve--our family, our followers, and our community members---is critical for self-sustainability. On this episode, you"ll learn...
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83. The #1 Difference Between Leaders and Managers

Are you a leader still behaving like a manager? For many recently assigned leaders, they have the challenge of behaving like a leader, due in part because no one "taught" them the modern way of leading.  On this...
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82. State of Becoming

The State of Being versus The State of Becoming has vast differences which includes beliefs, emotions, and actions.  On this episode, you"ll learn why your current state of being or status quo won't allow you become...
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81. Allowing Negative Emotions

Trigger Warning: This episode contains subjects that may prompt strong emotions. Headphones are recommended if little ears are nearby.  ******************* Listen to the rawest, most emotional episode I've ever...
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80. Drop Perfectionism. Be Resourceful.

It's time to drop perfectionism, leader. There is no place for perfectionism in your leadership practice. Nothing good comes from this mental state. On today's episode, you'll learn how the emotional energy and...
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