29. Grit and Resilience in Business with Bryan Jimenez

29. Grit and Resilience in Business with Bryan Jimenez

Join Dr. Denise and special guest, Bryan Jimenez. Bryan shares his story of grit and resilience and the learnings he applies in his business from a devastating hurricane that hit his home in Puerto Rico in 2017. Listen to learn how you can preserve the learnings from any chaos and build the grit and resilience muscle to help you reach your next level of success in life, business, and career. 

Bryan is full-stack web developer, web designer and online marketing strategist, Bryan helps small to medium-sized business reach a higher potential of customers or clients through online portals, branding, social strategizing and email marketing. He gives these businesses the tools they need to showcase themselves in a vast online world. You can find him on Instagram @bryanmjimenz or at https://www.bryanmjimenez.com/.

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