Reflect, Rejoice, Renew


As we prepare to close this year and plan for the next, take a moment to reflect, rejoice and renew! 

Reflect on the successes and setbacks, 
Rejoice in the learnings you've earned, and 
Renew your focus and energy for what's next. 

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Why New Leaders Feel Overwhelmed


New leaders often feel overwhelmed for various reasons, as taking on a leadership role comes with a unique set of challenges and responsibilities.

Many new leaders soon realize after promotion that they need more experience, can't meet expectations, and have voids in their skills. They'd instead return to their old positions as individual employees or, worse, quit altogether.

Tune in now to learn what is necessary to overcome overwhelm and an invitation to join our upcoming certification program fro new leaders.

Why You Feel Powerless


Many leaders feel powerful in their personal lives but abdicate their power in the workplace.

Why is it that so many leaders find it challenging to exert their power among their team? Have they seen many bad leaders abuse their power? Is it because they lack mastery in their mindset, skill set, or strategy?

Perhaps, it's all this plus how you were programmed as a child. 

Tune in to learn the new definition of power and a powerful reframe to help you show up everyday a leader who exerts her authority and power to create an impact in the results of her team.

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Do THIS Every Morning, Leader!


The Proven Path to Mastery


Mastery is iterative. It's not achieved like a college degree and then you're done. It's a mindset that involves continuous evaluation and improvement.

As a leader, you are obligated to gain mastery in your mindset, skill set, and strategy. These three variables correlate to your effectiveness as a leader.

The problem many leaders face is they don't know where to go to get customized training that includes evidenced-based research accompanied with high-value leadership coaching.

Most will leave their leadership training to chance.

Until now...

Tune in this week to learn why you are obligated to do this work and how to begin the path to leadership mastery.

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How Science Can Help You Lead Effectively


Science is life. It can help us live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Its use is critical to the longevity of our species on this planet.

It's why I'm a scientist at heart and incorporate it into every aspect of my life, including leadership.

On the latest episode of The Dr. Denise Simpson Podcast, I talk about the evolving nature of leadership and the critical role of science in fostering innovation in our practice.

I explain how you can use science to lead your teams more effectively.

Read on for a few examples.

Science teaches you how to think critically
A vital leadership skill across all industries is critical thinking.

In the American school system, we're taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think. We have standardized testing for most educational journeys, so we're prepared to pass a test.

Thinking critically requires collecting, processing, and synthesizing data to develop a satisfactory solution.

It's a complex process used every day.

Science teaches you how to solve...

[TRAINING] The Visionary Leader 2023


This is the live training for all visionary leaders wanting to take 2023 to new heights in their leadership! 

Tune in now to learn from Dr. Denise's experience coaching and training visionary leaders. 

[LIVESTREAM] Definition of Leadership


Welcome to the Lead w/ Intent livestream!

Today we revive a weekly livestream we did over 3 years ago.

That's right, it's been a long time coming AND we're back!

And how cool that we're able to livestream into YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook at the same time.

Wherever you're watching the replay, let me know in the comments!

On today's livestream, I talk about the new meaning and context of our show, Lead with Intent.

I also answer a VERY good question I was asked, "What is your definition of leadership?" You're going to want to watch my answer and adopt it for yourself. It's a GOOD one!

So, get ready to watch the replay and comment HELLO to let me know you're here.

And as always, I would love to serve you by sending you my weekly email with leadership coaching and training straight to your inbox.

Join my email list here: https://www.drdenisesimpson.com/leadership See you soon!

xo Dr. Denise #leadership #Leader #leadershipskills #leadershipdevelopment ...


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