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Do THIS Every Morning, Leader!


The Proven Path to Mastery


Mastery is iterative. It's not achieved like a college degree and then you're done. It's a mindset that involves continuous evaluation and improvement.

As a leader, you are obligated to gain mastery in your mindset, skill set, and strategy. These three variables correlate to your effectiveness as a leader.

The problem many leaders face is they don't know where to go to get customized training that includes evidenced-based research accompanied with high-value leadership coaching.

Most will leave their leadership training to chance.

Until now...

Tune in this week to learn why you are obligated to do this work and how to begin the path to leadership mastery.

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The Art of Your Leadership


Join me for this conversation about the dynamic interplay between the science and art of leadership.

While science encompasses research-backed strategies and proven frameworks, the art lies in the unique expression of one's values, beliefs, and individual perspective in leadership.

Learn how your personal values and self-expression are integral components of effective leadership.

Highlighting values like respect, trust, and psychological safety will help shape your unique leadership approach.

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[LIVESTREAM] Definition of Leadership


Welcome to the Lead w/ Intent livestream!

Today we revive a weekly livestream we did over 3 years ago.

That's right, it's been a long time coming AND we're back!

And how cool that we're able to livestream into YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook at the same time.

Wherever you're watching the replay, let me know in the comments!

On today's livestream, I talk about the new meaning and context of our show, Lead with Intent.

I also answer a VERY good question I was asked, "What is your definition of leadership?" You're going to want to watch my answer and adopt it for yourself. It's a GOOD one!

So, get ready to watch the replay and comment HELLO to let me know you're here.

And as always, I would love to serve you by sending you my weekly email with leadership coaching and training straight to your inbox.

Join my email list here: See you soon!

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