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#14 3 things all conscientious leaders must master before they can lead anyone else


#14 3 Things All Conscientious Leaders Must Master Before They Can Lead Anyone Else

Welcome, Leaders! I'm Dr. Denise Simpson, a former professor turned life and leadership coach.

Today, I'm talking about the 3 Things All Conscientious Leaders Must Master Before They Can Lead Anyone Else.

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#13 Goal setting for the second half of 2019!


#13 Goal setting for the second half of 2019!

Yup, that’s right- six months down, six months to go!

Did you achieve some or all of your goals for 2019?

If so, what habits supported those achievements?

If not, why?

Welcome to episode #13 of Dr. Denise’s weekly leadership show called Lead with Intent. We’re talking about goal setting today!

Dr. Denise is a life and leadership who teaches people how to become great leaders in their own lives so they can deliberately create a life of fulfillment and alignment with their highest purpose.

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#12 How to find your WHY with 5 simple questions


Lead with Intent is back with episode #12!

Join Dr. Denise Simpson, life and leadership coach, in the return of her weekly live show Lead with Intent.

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In today's show, Denise shares 5 simple questions to help you find awareness and clarity around your WHY and life purpose!

Watch the replay and comment below!

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#11 Season Finale of Lead with Intent!

#11 Season Finale of Lead with Intent TODAY!
Today Dr. Denise shares the evolution of the Lead with Intent show and makes major announcements for her upcoming launch of her online academy called Masters of Leadership Institute. 
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Stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Masters of Leadership Institute! 

#09 How to prepare for your next leadership or career opportunity


#09 How to prepare for your next leadership or career opportunity

Join Dr. Denise every Thursday at 1 p.m. Central for her weekly leadership show, Lead with Intent.

Today, Dr. Denise presents her 4 step process to help prepare you for your next leadership or career opportunity.

Step 1: 

Let’s begin with an initial assessment of your current leadership inventory.

a. What is your current position or community role?

b. Make a list of the current knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSAs) necessary for your current position. 

c. Dust off your resume, curriculum vitae, or portfolio of your past employment experiences. (If you have a well-crafted resume, you’ll have all your education and employment credentials front and center!)

{Leader Tip} Make sure your resume is ALWAYS updated, to include your current position and job responsibilities. You never know when a leadership opportunity will come up in your organization or industry.

Step 2:

Now, let’s assess your...


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